Custom Orders

Yes...its a Giraffe Hairbow!

Giraffe Hairbow

I will do custom orders. I have had some pretty wild requests as seen in the picture. Keep in mind custom orders usually involve ribbon I do not own which involves a
trip to the store. Also, custom orders take additional time putting together. All custom orders cannot be returned and must be paid for in advance. Also, all custom orders will be a minimum of $1.00 more than the bow most similar to the custom order. Please call in all custom orders. (phone: 904-707-5314)

Wondering why a giraffe??? A mom called and wanted it for her daughter. Her first kindergarten school project is on giraffes. She purchased a shirt and just to be over the top and adorable wanted an actual giraffe for a hairbow. At first I in the world can I make a giraffe be cute but as accurate as well. I was nervous to start but the more it progressed the more creative I got and the cuter the bow became.

Funny Face wore her bow proudly! 
She received extra credit for her amazing outfit and hairbow!